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Our Club was formed in 2007 and has been going strong ever since.  Below is a collection of photos from earlier seasons of the members and events that helped us become the club we are today.

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  • Tom is often seen carrying the oar after a session
  • A gang of Brighton paddlers entered a team in the Ice Dragon Boat Festival 2017 and 2018. Lots of fun!!
  • Setting up for an open house and try paddling day, early years.
  • Two long time paddlers Mark P and Nancy Mc (Nancy has since moved away).
  • Registration day, years ago with board Member Margaret A and paddler Manny
  • BDBC Community Dragon Boat Festival. Anne A and helper (name?) run the bake sale. Proceeds from sale and festival went to a local charity
  • Mary and BoB L. Bob has been an unofficial member of our club (helping in mnay ways) for many years.
  • Brighton Community Festival 2011. The YMCA team get their orders :-)
  • The BDBC Community Festival time keepers 2011. This was an important job!
  • Team CIBC comes back in after a tough fight on the race course. Community Festival. Mike H and Tricia B lead the team
  • Mary L, long time club member. Seen here coaching a team at the Wellington Festival (unsure of year). Mary has worn many hats over the years. She has been a strong contributor to the club's success
  • Looks like we are backing down the boat at the Wellington Festival. There are some familiar faces here.
  • Anne A and Shelagh W look ready to tace
  • Wellington Festival, go ladies, go!
  • Going back to our early racing days with Coach Tricia. The right side of the boat shows some awesome people that helped or still help make our club what it is today. Mary R, Cathy H and Sharon C
  • Albert Ladenius, he was a wonderful man and a great race team steersperson. He passed the oar to Mike upon retirement.
  • Julie and Gerda. Joined in the early years and gave a lot of their time to help shape the club.
  • Mary M, joined in 2007 when the club began. She steered, she coached, she raced and was on the board of directors.
  • George Klem joined the year the club began and was an active member of the clubs operation as well as a race team member.
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