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Covid -19 Update

28 Mar 2020 5:01 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

Dear BDBC Family,

I hope you are all well and managing under the circumstances. Our offer to help anyone needing assistance remains available. Snowbirds, I hope you are all home and safe. To all who work front line, you are most appreciated and thought of.

On behalf of your board of directors I am giving you an update on our 2020 season which, like everything else around us, is affected by Covid-19.

We are being realistic given the current situation and feel at minimum there will be a delay to our paddling season.  The virus, paddler safety and insurance implications will drive our club’s program this year. Worst case scenario would keep boats on dry land; fingers crossed that it doesn’t come to this.

All April events listed on our calendar are cancelled. May events are on hold. We will update you as news develops from official sources.  

A revised fee structure for a delayed start will be sent to you next week. If you have prepaid, you will receive the appropriate discount based on start date. If your preference is a full refund now, please email our Treasurer Tom King at We have stopped the messages you were receiving which encouraged you to renew at this time.

I am very proud of our directors who have volunteered their time and expertise and have put a lot of planning and effort into building a season for everyone. We truly hope circumstances will change significantly, allowing us to get you all on the water sooner than later. Even a shorter season will be better than no season.

In the meantime, keep active with home exercise and lots of walks/bike rides outside. I ask that you please keep the paddling spirit alive and stay positive. We just need some time to see what unfolds.

Yours Sincerely,

Tricia Boehme

P.S. Please enjoy the picture below. Lot's of happy faces enjoying the annual September camping excursion.

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