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Cancellation of 2020 Paddling Season

29 May 2020 6:30 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

The board of directors held a meeting on May 28th and a unanimous decision was made to cancel our hope of a 2020 season. There aren’t too many sports quite like dragon boat where team members are many and so physically close together.

Our most important consideration was the health and safety of our members. We are a unique club providing opportunities for fitness and fun to all. We simply cannot provide a safe and fair program to our wonderfully diverse membership in 2020.

We may not be in a boat this season but we are still a club of like-minded people who enjoy the outdoors, friendship, and paddling. We can all look towards next year as being even more special and your board of directors will return to the planning table with a 2021 focus.

Sincere thanks to the coach and steer team who remained flexible and ready to get our boats moving and for agreeing to another year on the water.  They help make the crews work hard and encourage regular laughter. What a great combination.

Your board of directors has worked collaboratively and creatively for the past 8 months. Our new ideas and initiatives were not executed this year but they will become a solid foundation for 2021 planning.

We need to stay connected as a dragon boat family and your board will look at ways to help accomplish this in the near future.  We will also look to you for suggestions and ideas.  Please enjoy the summer with family, friends, outdoors, good food and anything else that sparks happiness while respecting social distancing. Please don’t get too hooked on a new activity, we want you back in the boat next year!

We will be in touch shortly.

On behalf of your board,


Brighton Dragon Boat Club


For those who paid their 2020 membership, you will receive a refund in the next week. If you have any questions or concerns about this please email Treasurer Tom King at

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