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  • 8 Jul 2020 8:26 AM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    Bill (far left) and Cathy (far right) aren't on the boat but they are on the patio of the Harbourview Marina Restaurant. Seen here with their spouses ready to enjoy a lovely meal.

  • 2 Jul 2020 4:30 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    What are our coach and steer teams doing now?

    Doug has replaced the oar with his golf clubs this summer and Mary has switched out her front seat for a kayak. 

    These two form a great team both on and off the water!   

  • 1 Jul 2020 10:01 AM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    Enjoy the day and be safe.

  • 30 Jun 2020 4:45 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    We Have A Winner!
    2021 Free Membership Draw

    Thank you to all members who renewed their free 2020 club membership. We are looking forward to staying connected with you as we plan for our 2021 season. We aren't a club without you!

    If you haven't yet renewed, you still can. Please reply to this email if you require our assistance.

    Your free 2020 renewal runs from May 1 2020 to May 1 2021.  We will be looking to you for input as we build the best ever 2021 paddling season. We also hope your current membership can give you a sense of belonging to something you love during a rather difficult time.  

    Some of us have ways of getting on the water this summer but many of us are better suited to a coach and steer and the safe and sturdy NakomaDraco, and little BiXi. While we don't want to wish our life away, we can't wait for 2021 and the prospect of happy group paddling.

    And The Winner Is.. 

    Carolyn (CJ) Globe

    Carolyn has been a club member since May 2017. New to the sport, she jumped right into the race team program and worked hard at being a strong contributor. Taken straight from Carolyn " Wow! Really? I won? I never win anything!!! I can't wait to be back on the water". 

    CJ and President Tricia met at the dock for a fun photo opportunity. Thanks Treasurer May for being our official photographer and capturing the spirit of our club and its members. 

  • 29 May 2020 6:30 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    The board of directors held a meeting on May 28th and a unanimous decision was made to cancel our hope of a 2020 season. There aren’t too many sports quite like dragon boat where team members are many and so physically close together.

    Our most important consideration was the health and safety of our members. We are a unique club providing opportunities for fitness and fun to all. We simply cannot provide a safe and fair program to our wonderfully diverse membership in 2020.

    We may not be in a boat this season but we are still a club of like-minded people who enjoy the outdoors, friendship, and paddling. We can all look towards next year as being even more special and your board of directors will return to the planning table with a 2021 focus.

    Sincere thanks to the coach and steer team who remained flexible and ready to get our boats moving and for agreeing to another year on the water.  They help make the crews work hard and encourage regular laughter. What a great combination.

    Your board of directors has worked collaboratively and creatively for the past 8 months. Our new ideas and initiatives were not executed this year but they will become a solid foundation for 2021 planning.

    We need to stay connected as a dragon boat family and your board will look at ways to help accomplish this in the near future.  We will also look to you for suggestions and ideas.  Please enjoy the summer with family, friends, outdoors, good food and anything else that sparks happiness while respecting social distancing. Please don’t get too hooked on a new activity, we want you back in the boat next year!

    We will be in touch shortly.

    On behalf of your board,


    Brighton Dragon Boat Club


    For those who paid their 2020 membership, you will receive a refund in the next week. If you have any questions or concerns about this please email Treasurer Tom King at

  • 28 Mar 2020 5:01 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    Dear BDBC Family,

    I hope you are all well and managing under the circumstances. Our offer to help anyone needing assistance remains available. Snowbirds, I hope you are all home and safe. To all who work front line, you are most appreciated and thought of.

    On behalf of your board of directors I am giving you an update on our 2020 season which, like everything else around us, is affected by Covid-19.

    We are being realistic given the current situation and feel at minimum there will be a delay to our paddling season.  The virus, paddler safety and insurance implications will drive our club’s program this year. Worst case scenario would keep boats on dry land; fingers crossed that it doesn’t come to this.

    All April events listed on our calendar are cancelled. May events are on hold. We will update you as news develops from official sources.  

    A revised fee structure for a delayed start will be sent to you next week. If you have prepaid, you will receive the appropriate discount based on start date. If your preference is a full refund now, please email our Treasurer Tom King at We have stopped the messages you were receiving which encouraged you to renew at this time.

    I am very proud of our directors who have volunteered their time and expertise and have put a lot of planning and effort into building a season for everyone. We truly hope circumstances will change significantly, allowing us to get you all on the water sooner than later. Even a shorter season will be better than no season.

    In the meantime, keep active with home exercise and lots of walks/bike rides outside. I ask that you please keep the paddling spirit alive and stay positive. We just need some time to see what unfolds.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Tricia Boehme

    P.S. Please enjoy the picture below. Lot's of happy faces enjoying the annual September camping excursion.

  • 16 Mar 2020 6:29 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)


    Has life become routine? Do you feel like you are walking through the everyday challenges of life in a haze? Wake up your senses, stop floating through life—floats are for parades! 

    The Brighton Dragon Boat Race Team (the Heat Strokes) is looking to recruit new members for its upcoming race season.  We are men and women of all ages, and we all love to get out on the water and give it our all…no more, no less!

    If you’re ready to step out of your routine check us out at under the tab BDBC Heat Strokes Album and join our team.

    This e-mail was originally drafted to invite you to our Meet and Greet at the Smokehouse Restaurant on March 19th to learn about our race team, meet some of your fellow teammates and decide if you want to join the fun. Unfortunately in the interest of member and public safety we decided to forego the event in the current COVID-19 environment.  Coach Phil was particularly crestfallen at the announcement of the cancellation, not only because he missed the opportunity to revisit with current team members and meet potential race team recruits but also because he lost the opportunity to chow down on free nibblies.  With any luck corona virus concerns will be alleviated in time for our Open House at the YMCA from 9 to 11:30AM on April 25.

    Does this delay in getting together mean you get a free pass on pre-season training? NO!  While  acknowledging paddling in a pool pales in comparison to paddling on the lake, Pool Paddling which commences on April 2 and every Thursday thereafter will provide you with a jump start on getting those shoulder, leg and core muscles tuned up and help get the kinks out of your stroke before we hit the open water on May 11.  As an added bonus you have the opportunity to have both Miles (last year race team coach) and Phil (this year's race team coach) advising you on improvements to your paddling technique.  New paddlers shouldn't be overly concerned, as I will easily keep Miles and Phil pre-occupied critiquing my own ineptness. 

    If you can't make it to pool paddling, please get going on your personal exercise routine and we'll see you at our Open House.

  • 13 Mar 2020 12:34 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    Race Team Meet and Greet
    Thursday March 19th

    We feel this is the best decision given the latest updates on Covid-19.  We will update you on our April 25th Open House in the near future. A race meeting for returning and new members will take place at that time.

  • 10 Mar 2020 1:33 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)



    Remember the last time you had to push yourself to achieve a goal?

    Or the last time that you worked hard to get that extra burst of speed or strength?

    How about the last time you felt that you were an integral part of a team?

    The Brighton Dragon Boat Race Team (the Heat Strokes) is looking to recruit new members for its upcoming race season.  It’s the ultimate team sport; no one can win on their own, you need everyone in the boat to bring their best to win. 

    If you’re ready to rekindle that inner fire, check us out at under the tab "BDBC Heat Strokes Album" and come to our Meet and Greet at the Smokehouse Restaurant in Brighton anytime between 6:00 to 7:30 PM on March 19th to learn about our race team, meet some of your fellow teammates and decide if you want to join the fun! 

  • 9 Mar 2020 12:23 PM | Tricia Boehme (Administrator)

    The paddling schedule is now up-to-date. There are a few changes to session names and a few new sessions added. Please read the descriptions provided at the bottom of the calendar. 

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