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Gananoque Fall Excursion

11 Sep 2023 11:22 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


As members, we all know that we belong to a great, and unique, club. BDBC includes an outstanding competitive program and our very successful Heat Strokes; a fun recreational program with numerous paddling opportunities; ongoing fitness development; and solid technical training. We are a community that provides and enjoys great social experiences, too. 

One of these social opportunities, perhaps the Jewel in the Crown, and certainly a great late season event, is the Fall Excursion, organized by two of our amazing volunteers, Mary Robertson and most particularly Doug Harrison. Doug, a great and very dedicated steer for us, is known to love exploration. Fortunately for us, he brings this adventurous spirit to bear every year, to create unique getaways for club members, taking us out of our ordinary and challenging the skills we have acquired over the season! We thank him and Mary for the countless extra hours of work they do to give all of us these unique and unforgettable experiences! 

This year’s event took Nakoma, Draco, and a lot of great, adventurous souls to Gananoque. As always, the plan was in keeping with club goals of fitness, fun, and social connection. For some, this was a three-day event, including a stay in a wonderful Vrbo together, affording us a healthy dose of conviviality and endless laughter, not to mention great campfires and amazing food. Other members and a few very welcome guests joined us for plenty of fun and camaraderie at various times. Of course, part of our time, as now (mostly) seasoned, skilled and conditioned paddlers, was spent paddling among the beautiful 1000 Islands. On our own, our two boats did a great shore snoop on Saturday afternoon in the company of many great blue herons and a majestic osprey. On Sunday, late morning, we had an outstanding 3 hour paddle, as we spotted wildlife, and learned about the fascinating geology and history of the area from a local guide! What a unique and fabulous time! It could not have been better. 

Below, a photo of Half Moon Bay, attainable only by water, of great geological and anthropological significance, sacred to many, one of the several sites to which our guide led us.

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