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Recreational Paddles
Enjoy an hour of paddling fun and activity on the waters of beautiful Presqu’ile Bay. Our
experienced coaches use a series of instructions and moderate exercises so new
paddlers can learn the sport and seasoned paddlers can improve their paddling
technique all while savouring the scenic views and wildlife. An added benefit is the
opportunity to make new friends within the community. With a variety of time options,
recreational paddling is available 7 days a week.

Race Team Practices
Practices are designed to improve your individual paddling stroke, racing performance,
and endurance. Some drills focus on setting up the stroke, catch, pull, exit and recovery
while others focus on racing essentials - race starts, power ups, and finishes. Practices
provide a full body workout - your legs are engaged as an anchor while your arm,
shoulder and back muscles are activated as you pull the paddle through the water. The
team practices two evenings a week under the guidance of race team coach Phil
Spencer and will compete in 3-4 races this season.

Introduction to Dragon Boat Racing
Whether you’ve committed to the race team, are considering participating in a
recreational festival race or just curious about what dragon boat racing is all about, this
session is for you. BDBC President and former race team coach Tricia Boehme will
introduce you to the essentials - race starts, power ups, finish - and inform you on
dragon boat racing. A perfect session for those wondering what racing is about or those
wishing to polish their skills.

Improving your Paddle
For new to seasoned paddlers, this session covers all the basics of dragon boating.
Tricia Boehme, BDBC President and former race team coach breaks down all the
components of the dragon boat stroke and gives paddlers the chance to practice and
improve each component. Many paddlers come back to this session again and again as
they always find tips to improve their paddle.

Race Team Pool Paddle
This year’s race team coach Phil Spencer and 2019 coach Miles LeClair will pair up to
conduct pre-season indoor pool paddles. For race team members or paddlers
considering joining the race team, these sessions start training early and allow paddlers
to practice all the essentials of dragon boat racing.

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