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The principal difference between the Recreational and Competitive programs is that members of the Competitive Program will be able to participate in two additional weekly paddling sessions to be held on Monday and Thursday evenings under the coordination of a certified coach.  We hope by doing this we expand membership to those seeking to obtain a more rigorous workout than might be experienced in our Recreational Program (which members of the Competitive Program are also encouraged to attend).   By providing more competitive related coaching, participants can enhance their paddling skills, practice more up-tempo sessions and get a taste of race preparations. Those members of the Competitive Program who choose to attend festivals will make up the representatives of our race team at such festivals. In other words, the race team will be a subset of the Competitive Program. The hope is that as more and more members of the Competitive Program gain confidence in their abilities they will be more inclined to represent the Club and participate in festivals. 

The Competitive Program will be led by Tricia Boehme, and expertly steered by Phil Spencer. Tricia has been paddling and coaching since our boats first made their splash in 2007. In 2010 she began furthering her paddling experience/career racing at Club Crew World Championships in Macau 2010, Hong Kong 2012, Italy 2014 and Hungary 2018.  Phil, who has been a member of our Club since 2014 also successfully participated as a paddler in the Club Crew World Championships in Hungary 2018 and coached our race team last season.  Our Club is blessed to have such an accomplished duo leading us through the season and their experience will give us a leg up whenever we enter competitive festivals.

First place in finish. Coach Tricia and Steer Mike accept the hardware.
Great practice on the water with Coach Miles.
A successful festival, one of many!
Team Captain Mark takes us through a pre-paddle warm up
Great opportunity at festivals to socialize and build friendships
Trenton Festival winners 2 years running. Coach Tricia collects medals.
We have fun while waiting to race
Perfect day on the water for a practice. Steer Mike guides us around the Bay.
Coach Miles gives one on one instruction to help us improve.
After a stop on shore for a beverage we climb back aboard. This was our final paddle of the season.
2017 Trenton Festival.
2017, practicing in the canal
2018, final paddle of the season
2017, year end celebration
2019, under Mile's leadership we won at the Peterborough Festival.
The early years. Fun at Christie Lake. Notice anything odd about this picture?
Many faces are still members of the club in 2019. Early cold September morning at Christie Lake
The club looks after members. Mary R celebrated a special birthday at Christie Lake. We all enjoyed the cake!
Loaded and ready at Christie Lake. Mike H and Tricia B lead the way.
The original HeatStrokes and shirts. The Christie Lake festival was all about silly races. Backwards padling, figure 8 course and capture the flags were a few we participated in.
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