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In 2023 we added two new paddling time slots … Saturdays at 8 a.m. and Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm.  Young people and working folks can take advantage of paddling sessions on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesday evenings, and early Tuesday and Thursday mornings… that’s 5 opportunities per week.

Recreational Program paddlers have 8 opportunities to paddle… every day of the week at various times and twice on Tuesdays. 

Our club is proud of the fact that no other local club offers this incredible value for money … more paddling sessions, very experienced coaches and steers and the best paddling water in the area.  Here is our new and exciting offering to our community:

Recreational Program:

Offered 6 times per week with a main goal to have FUN, learn solid dragon boat skills, and get some physical fitness. It is a great way to start in the dragon boat sport, and a wonderful place to make friends.   See chart below - programs in blue.

Technical/Fitness Program:   Offered Monday mornings at 9 am and Tuesday evenings at 6 pm, our very experienced coaches break down all the components of the dragon boat stroke and give paddlers the chance to practice and improve each component.  Practices are intermediate.  A program that offers a full body workout - your legs are engaged as an anchor while your arm, shoulder and back muscles are activated as you pull the paddle through the water.They are more intense than the recreational program but not as intense as the competitive program.  It is a great way to develop skills if one would want to join a competitive crew.  See chart below - program in green.

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